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Company Establishment Practices

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Company Establishment Best Practices

With all the new regulations that have recently come to into play such as debt and commercial law, and capital market regulations; the practice of establishing a new organization in Turkey has become a challenging and often time’s problematic task. 

Due to the nature of foreign entities, it is common that during the establishment process the founders, representatives, and authorities will dispersed in different geographic locations. This geographic obstacle can be challenging when it comes to the collection of signatures, dealing notarization errors, and delays in implementation. Unfortunately many foreign entities have a low establishment success rate as a result of these problems.

Not only is a failed attempt at establishing a foreign entity costly in terms of time and effort  for the local organization providing the consulting services, a low success rate also damages consultants image in a significant way. By determining the correct strategy during the establishment process, the foreign entity stands to gain by receiving a value adding service while simultaneously reducing the time and effort they need to spend on the process; ultimately reducing costs. 

Given the right training through our services, we will insure that loose ends commonly left unattended such as preparing the power of attorney and confirming the statutory books will be done correctly. 

Moreover, the service provider can empathize with foreign entities that make errors such as late or complete lack of validations of statutory books and the consequent trade and taxation sanctions. 

Law firms, lawyers, lawyers in training, accountants, and account managers are just a few examples of professionals who can understand and comply with law enforcement practices in a flawless manner if they receive the proper training. 

Please contact us for detailed information regarding best practices during the establishment process for your company.