Pathway: Consultancy

UP Legal Advisory

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Legal Advisory UP Human Resources Learning and Management Services in partnership with BOSS Governance Inc. assists many native and foreign investors in their formation in Turkey and legal problems about trading transactions, formation of their companies, emerging and transfer and other advocacy and counselling needs by means of well known law offices.

Besides, we reveal successful results with specialized stuff in-return to work actions about human resources, problematic terminations of employment contract, notice of onels and any other legal problems in the working process.

UP Certified Councillorship

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Certified Councillorship UP Human Resources Learning and Management Services in partnership with BOSS Governance Inc. presents all the certified councillorship and complete approval needs of foreign investors who will make investments in Turkey or all native and foreign investors who already have businnesses in Turkey with well-known and specialized solution partners. UP presents key solutions for such needs by co-operating with a lot of native and foreign governance and financial advisory companies in various price and service categories

Business Process Outsourcing

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Business Process Outsourcing UP Human Resources Learning and Management Services has become a company in which the other work processes were outsourced after ensuring satisfaction by its service given in a lot of both native and foreign companies. Supplying different kinds of work functions by only a third party service supplier (BPO) means a single service definition and a reaching key solution services within a single invoice.

The method is to provide the front office, renting, human resources, finance, technological and accountancy services only by a single source.

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Occupational Safety & Health

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Occupational Healty and Safety risk factors can have direct or indirect effects on levels of organizational commitment, job satisfaction, job productivity of workers in service companies as well as other types of industries.

A recently passed legal regulation requires all companies to provide Occupational Safety and Health Training to all of its employees.

UP provides, not only Occupational Safety and Health consultancy but also provide e-learning courses on this subject. By using our services and products, you can make sure your employee have a healthy and productive work environment.

UP HR Consultancy

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HR Consultancy UP Human Resources  firstly aims to shape the organization scheme by ascertaining the job analysis and definitions after stating the Human Resources policy in its service scope.
After appointing the necessary criterias for planning stuff strength and choosing the right employee, UP Human Resources consults in the process of the featured placement, testing and evaluation. It provides the set up of the optimum system by combining the technology and the knowledge with its softwares that proved themselves in the international arena, or the administrations’ own softwares in setting up the salary, premium and rewarding.

Please contact us to see our references in the field of time management, career planning, and performance managing systems.